I’ve been an avid gamer from the moment I could hold a controller. Playing The Ultimate Doom on the Playstation with my parents is probably one of my earliest memories, though I would also love playing the SNES whenever I visited my nanna. 


Gaming in general has been a great source of inspiration for me, and one of the main things in my childhood that led me to my love of narrative and fantasy. Nowadays it serves me as a katharsis, procrastination tool, and a great way for me and my wife to spend time together. 

So I figured why not also use my love of gaming to connect with fellow gamers within my present and future readership? I feel the best way to do this is let you know what game I am spending my time with, and let you take part.

Additionally, I’ll be streaming on Twitch every now and again. Now, I am never going to be a typical Twitch Streamer, so for the moment, and foreseeable future, it’ll be game only. Maybe from time to time I’ll add audio if enough people join me and want to chat. But I will provide whatever functions each game provides in order for you to participate in some way or another.

What I'm playing now
Borderlands 3

Borderlands is, without question, everything I had hoped for, and more.
Never has a game held my attention alone for so long after its release. The new classes and skill trees are amazinly diverse are fun to play. I'm currently running one of every character, and each has an entirely different playstyle, which is yet again different to other people I know who play.
My main, and obviously favourite, is FL4K. Next to Zane, I think FL4k's dry humour is the best addition to the game, plus my 'Crit FL4K' build is really enjoyable. It's increadibly satisfying to watch a boss' health bar just melt away.
My Twitch stream is equip with the ECHO Cast overlay. Feel free to join me and send some baddies and loot my way!