The Last Noah
By David Cuff



"...the twist of it all was compelling, and is a good example of narrative mirroring."

The Last Noah is a unique take on the sci-fi genre which throws questions at you from the word ‘go’. An unseen presence, consistent and ever-present, drives the story forward with a strong sense of mystery, and a need to know more.

The story is told from an omniscient third person perspective, told from both character’s perspective simultaneously. I am not particularly a fan of this style to begin with, but in The Last Noah it tends to cause issues with telling a bit too often. However, the author makes up for it in the form of clear specificity with the events of the book by following the two main characters closely, which allowed us to relate to the characters regardless.

I won’t spoil the ending, of course, but the twist of it all was compelling, and is a good example of narrative mirroring. That being said, and again this is just my personally preference, I felt the last chapter was a little heavy handed, and while very creative and well thought out, it left little to the imagination. Of course, plenty of readers would have preferred this method, with this being a standalone novel, but I personally would have preferred to speculate on things myself a bit more.

I particularly liked the relationship between the two main characters, as it develops within the story arc, and feel that it does so naturally and realistically given their respective personalities and the strange situation they were in. It made me care what happened to them all the more.

Overall, I enjoyed The Last Noah as David Cuff’s first work and I will definitely be on the look out for more of his books as he develops as a writer.