Growing up I had two main loves: video games and books. Library day was my favourite day of the week as I devoured (as fas as a 10 year old could) the Deltora Quest books by Emily Rodda, and many of Roald Dahl's classics. But, I’ve also been an avid gamer from the moment I could hold a controller. Playing The Ultimate Doom on the Playstation with my parents is probably one of my earliest memories, though I would also love playing the SNES whenever I visited my nanna. 

Gaming and books are obviously so different in numberless ways, but at the same time so cohesive and similar when it comes to telling a story. These two things in general have been a great source of inspiration for me, and one of the main things in my childhood that led me to my love of narrative and fantasy. Nowadays each serve me as a katharsis, procrastination tool, and gaming is even a great way for me and my wife to spend time together. 

So I figured I'd give you guys an insight to the sort of games I play and the books I read, and give you my thoughts on them. This will also serve as a great platform to help spread the word of other indie authors.

Additionally, I’ll be streaming on Twitch every now and again. Now, I am never going to be a typical Twitch Streamer, so for the moment, and foreseeable future, it’ll be game only. Maybe from time to time I’ll add audio if enough people join me and want to chat.