The Aetheric Wars Trilogy

The Order of Elysium


"I didn't know they even existed until recently. They've been hiding right under our noses all over the world. They are even here in Salem, hunting in the shadows removing all evidence of their presence as they go. The thing is though they're on our side. We need them. The Order of Elysium is the only thing keeping those same shadows from swallowing us up. I've studied demons all my life, getting too close for comfort on more than one occasion, but the Wardens of the Order fight them every chance they get to keep us safe. Today I found out they used to be regular humans once, but each one of them died and were deemed worthy to be brought back by the angels to serve the Order of Elysium. To help fight a war against the darkness. A war they are losing… Now I’ve found myself right in the middle of it, and the lines between the dark and
light are getting harder to see."

-Excerpt from Adley Black's personal memoirs.