Welcome to my blog

For as long as I can remember, stories and the fantasy in itself of writing them, has been something that intruded upon any quiet moments my mind might have ever had, and stolen them away into half-formed worlds that may never see completion. For a long time that’s all they ever were; incomplete ideas forever being cannibalised by the newest one to come to mind, if not abandoned altogether. That is until I decided that writing was something that I wanted to be serious about, but it wasn’t until I completed my first draft that I realised that it was within the realm of possibility, and not just that one-in-a-million thing that happened to other people who were already masters of the craft, swooning fancy publishers every other day with perfectly prepared purple prose.

For an entire year, while going through the torture of preliminary self-editing, I agonised over which path to take - traditional, or self-publishing. A decision which I am sure many fellow aspiring authors struggle with. I spent months consuming as much knowledge as I could on the pros and cons for each, and finally decided on self-publishing (or to some extent, a hybrid option).

The point of my blog will be to help people who are in the same boat as me, or to give guidance to those who are thinking about jumping in to it at some point. I am not an expert, not by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s the point. I plan on using this blog as a roadmap of my journey as I learn all facets of the craft from the actual writing, to the editing, marketing, and all the other nitty gritty things that come with being an independent author. Read about my mistakes so you can avoid them when your time comes. Even if you decide that the traditional route is best for you, I will also share the tools and resources I’ve collected along the way, as well as updates on my own projects.

So happy writing and enjoy!