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The Order of Elysium is Out now!

After five long years of hard work, the Order of Elysium, book #1 of the Aetheric Wars Trilogy is out now.

Purchase your copy at one of the many locations listed here:


To anyone who has purchased a copy of the paperback version of my book via the Australian Amazon, I must apolagize.

Amazon Australia has dropped the ball, and has not fullfilled the pre-orders, and as such a lot of you may be getting e-mails stating that your order is not available.

They WILL arrive eventually, but I can't say how long that will be. However you do have the option to cancel those orders - a link to do this should be in the e-mail if you recieved one. Paperback copies are being fulfilled in the US and UK Amazon websites, and will probably arrive sooner than waiting for the Australian one.

Again, I apolagize for the inconvenience, and both my publisher and myself are increadibly frustrated at this, as it's marred what should have been a simple and exciting launch. But I suppose with so many moving parts, so to speak, something was bound to go wrong.

If you wish to stick it to Amazon and not purchase from them at all, there are paperback alternatives, including ones sourced from Australian providers here on my website.